finance tool for cohousings

Terms and GDPR

  1. Your data (name, e-mail, costs, files, ...) will never be passed on to an external party. They are only used for the internal workings of Centeam. Only for the sending of e-mails (bv. 'Forgot password') an external party is used (sendgrid) that acts as SMTP-server.
  2. There is only one place where a cookie is used: When logging in so you don't have te re-login everytime.
  3. We don't collect any type of user statistics (bv. Google Analytics e.d.)
  4. The e-mailadres of the administrator(s) can be used to contact you. This can be about possible downtimes, upgrades, updates of the terms ...
  5. When a person leaves your cohousing and you delete this user the record of the user will be deleted from the database. Added costs, reservations ... stay in the database since these are linked to the unit, not the user. When the name of user is mention in a reservation, log ... then these logs will stay in the database.
  6. When you decide to stop using Centeam you will the possibility to export your data in Excel format. Files, receipt ... etc need to be downloaded manually.
  7. The data of your project will be completely removed from our server, 6 months after de expiration data of your last payment. If you want this to happen faster, please contact info@centeam.co
  8. The cost of Centeam is € 100 + (€ 10 per unit) per year. For a project of 13 units this is € 230 per year. This cost can increase yearly by a maximum of 10%.
  9. Cohousings that are still building the project can use Centeam for free. When registering you will be asked to give an expected delivery date. Please send us and update should this date change. From that date on, and after at least one year of free use, you will have to pay the price mentioned above.
  10. When you don't pay and the end date passes you will still have access to Centeam, with one exception: It will not be possible to add new costs. After half a year of not paying, the project will be removed from the server.
  11. It is the responsibility of the administrators of the group to make sure the complete group agrees with these terms.