finance tool for cohousings

About Centeam

Centeam is being programmed by me, Stef Bastiaansen. In 2013 I co-founded Cohousing Kerselaar in Oostakker where I still live and where I'm still in charge of the finances.

In the beginning, I did the finances mainly with too many Excel sheets, Word documents and tons of e-mails. Since this became rather time consuming, as a programmer I decided to create a tool for doing the finances. In 2022 my tool, Centeam, became ready to also be used by other cohousings.

The focus of Centeam is to do the finances as quickly, correctly and transparantly as possible.

  • Everybody can submit costs, but the finances team checks every cost before approving.
  • All costs, payments, balances ... can be viewed by everyone.
  • When costs are not payed, or the balances of units are to too low this becomes visible after synchronising the bank account(s).
  • Manual bank transfers are avoided as much as possible. E.g. If you go shopping and buy new beverages for the common fridge, that amount is added to the balance of your unit. You can even submit costs that are shared between two units. There is also no place for montly payments etc.


You can start immediately, the first year is free. If possible I can come by your cohousing to explain everything. Of course an online meeting is possible too. Just send an e-mail to info@centeam.co.