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The first year you can try for free. Still liking Centeam after one year, you pay a fixed price of € 100 + € 10 per unit per year. E.g. A cohousing with 13 units pays € 100 + (13 x € 10) = € 230 per year. Cohousings that are still in the building phase can use Centeam for free until the delivery date.

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The full name of your project. E.g. 'Cohousing Kerselaar'
The amount of units. It not possible to change this afterwards (yourself).
The location of your project. These values will be also used as the default postal code and city for the units. You will need to add the street and nr. for each unit afterwards.
The bank account number for your project. This will appear in messages when people have to pay. It will not be used by us.
Only necessary for cohousings that are not yet build. As long as this date is not passed, Centeam is free to use. When the delivery date should change, please get in touch.

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We will not send you any presents. This is only used in the birthday calendar and should you used them, age related distribution keys.